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T h e P r e s l e y s
January 2004 Newsletter


January 2004 Newsletter

     I know its been a while since youve heard from Jacqueline (Jacqueline Presley, for those of you out of the loop,) but shes been really busy during the last few months. We are finally settling back into our roles here at the USCWM and have just now found the time to put together a new newsletter to let yall know what weve been up to. I know theres going to be some first-timers out there whove just made it on the mailing list (Spencers friends & family,) so I do believe an introduction is in order to let you know what this publication is all about.







     So, as many of you know, we were both recently married. To each other. Jacqueline came home to Arkansas the week before Thanksgiving to spend time with her family (old and new) and to prepare for our impending wedding in December. We got to meet with old friends and go through some pre marital counseling and Jacqueline had nine or ten bridal showers. The wedding itself went off perfectly. No one fell down or missed a line, we all stood in the right places and looked presentable. While the ceremony itself was beautiful, the events surrounding it were frustrating to say the least. Getting the groomsmen fitted, getting the groomsmen to come, ill fitting dresses that came in the wrong color, finding an open reception hall in December, making the programs the day before the event, and then finding out the flower girl and ring bearer werent coming. Everything considered, when it was all over, Jacqueline and I ended up married and alls well that ends well as they say. So we really cant complain. After the wedding, we were blessed by a friend who gave us a free night at Inn at the mill before our flight out the next morning.



      We were off on our honeymoon the next morning, which began with a LONG plane ride to Rome. Jacqueline had never been over seas before so it was quite an experience for her. We saw lots of cool stuff, the Coliseum, Roman Forum, Pompeii, Naples, the Trevi fountain, the Spanish steps We missed the Vatican this time around so now we have to go back. We went with a tour group made up of about 40 people, all who were at least 30 years our seniors. An eccentric little man named Peter led our group throughout the streets and sights of Rome, dispensing little nuggets of wisdom along the way. Peter liked to wear furry coats and pointy boots and provided loads of character to the experience. We made it back home the week of Christmas and spent the holiday in Ft. Smith with some friends one night and my family the next. We came home on Christmas day to hang with Jacquelines mother before flying off yet again for our next assignment.